The Business of Food Photography

“Learn the business of Food photography! A step-by-step guide in jump-starting your career! Planning to make money from your Art? This is the right course for you!”

May 29,2021

“ Planning to elevate and standardize your food photography business and processes? You came to the right place! ”

About Your Instructor

“Hi, I’m Miguel!

My goal in Food Photography is to create a safe space for clients as well as fellow food photographers and stylists in exchanging ideas and creating original content. I’ve been passionate in shooting food content but at the same time, educating and sharing what our team knows.

Why the business course? Well, simply because we believe that to make a career out of Food Photography, we must learn how to manage it.

I guess my 5 year experience in HR and in Sales helped me gain practical knowledge I can apply in our food photography business.

So, let’s get working!”

What Will I Learn?

Tabletop Studio MNL created this course to help starting photographers, as well as other professionals, establish and jump-start their careers. This course should help participants understand more about the business flow by engaging in a step-by-step program that’s easy to follow

Course Outline

Chapter 1:

Introduction to the Business of Food Photography, The Impact of Food Photography and How to make a business plan.

Chapter 2: 

Setting-up your Administrative Works, Learning how to build a professional contract and other relevant information to get your started.

Chapter 3: 

Building your package and your amazing Portfolio, Understanding how to set your pricing foundation, present it and build a portfolio that speaks.

Chapter 4:

Money talks, Business Cash flow and Understanding how money goes in and goes out in your photography business

Chapter 5: 

The Project Cycle – Learning the strategies in tapping clients, how to pitch ideas and how to make them say yes, Get hired!

“Create a business flow that works effectively for your style!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for those who wanted to improve their business process. Amateurs, aspiring professionals as well as Pro Food Photographers can benefit from this workshop as we present a step-by-step guide in the different areas of the business.

Who is this course NOT for?

Learning the business side of photography can either help you make it more sustainable or can help you decide and prepare as you transition from being a hobbyist to a full-time photographer. This course is best for those who are planning to earn from their Art.

Can I find what is taught in this course through free online resources?

Some of it, yes. But mostly no. We created this course based on our personal experience and daily operational challenges. So most of the topics were experienced, broken down and ironed out based on what we personally learned. You can also apply it to your work or tweak it based on your workflow.

Is it only good for Food Photographers or other Photographers can learn from it too?

Many topics from the course are directly intended for Food Photographers but many practical concepts in the curriculum can be applied in general photography business.

How long will we have access to the course?

You will have whole day access to the workshop itself but our team will also provide a business workbook after the session. It’s straightforward and easy to follow! Don’t share it ‘cause it’s yours! 

The Business of Food Photography Course Regular Fee: 5,000.00

Early bird rate: 4,500.00 (Until March 24, 2021)
Registration closes on March 31, 2021