Food Photography Creatives Course

“Find your own creative voice by joining Tabletop Studio MNL’s course on the practical approach in learning the fundamentals of Food Photography. From creating a compelling photograph, to framing and lighting techniques.”

May 22,2021

About Your Instructor

“Hi! I’m Miguel Enriquez and I created Tabletop Studio MNL.

I’m a Photographer and Stylist and my goal for this food photography course is to set and teach the foundation so that other Creatives and Photographers would know how to break the rules and find their own style.

Working with different clients with different branding has stretched us to go out of the comfort zone and explore different moods, techniques and styles. Our approach is simple and practical. We have broken it down so we can share it with all of you!

My personal favorite style in Food Photography? That has to be dark and moody!”


“Creativity is limitless, subjective and constantly evolving”

Different Styles, Different Approach, and Different Emotions!

Learn the fundamentals, lighting techniques and concepts used in Food Photography. 

“What are we exactly going to talk about?”

Course Outline

Chapter 1:

Intro and Fundamentals

Chapter 2: 

Basic to Advanced Lighting Techniques.

Chapter 3: 

Composition and Framing

Chapter 4:

Prop and Food Styling Considerations

Chapter 5: 

 Live View Shooting (learn to build a set from scratch)

Chapter 6:

Discussion of the 21-day Workbook

“This course was built so that you may understand where to start and how to get better in the Craft. Food Photography is subjective and learning the fundamentals help us discover our own creative voice, style, flow and approach. There is no one right way in executing. This course should serve as your nudge in going to your next level as a Professional Food Photographer.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for Food Photographers who wanted to explore and learn more about the Fundamentals of Food Photography. Those who would like to understand the conce

Who is this course NOT for?

Under this course, the topic of Shooting with Natural Lighting will not be included. All photographs and techniques that will be discussed utilized continues light and strobe. But if you’re planning to learn studio lights, well you came to the right place!

Any pre-requisites to the course?

Yes! You already have to know how to shoot manually and control your camera because the basics of “how to use the camera” won’t be covered. Better if you are already knowledgeable on this one. You still have time to learn it!

How long will we have access to the course?

You will have whole day access to the workshop itself but our team will provide a PDF copy of the course and a 21-day Challenge Workbook after the session. It’s straightforward and easy to follow! Don’t share it ‘cause it’s yours! 

Can I find what is taught in this course through free online resources?

Some of it, yes. But we created this course based on our experience, creativity, and personal approach. Like what they say, “different studios, different styles”. And we have a way of teaching nobody else does.

Food Photography Creatives Course Regular Fee: 4,500.00

Early bird rate: 4,000 (Until March 24, 2021)
Registration closes on March 31, 2021